• Emergency Glazier Covering Ashford

    We are your Emergency Glaziers Covering the Ashford Area. We can provide Emergency Glazing, Emergency Boarding Up, Broken Window Repairs and Emergency Glass Repairs.

    We are Here to Help You, as well as offering our Regular Glazing Service. If you are looking for a Glazier Near You, then Give Us A Call.We can get to you FAST and provide immediate Emergency Boarding Up Service if required. We can also Repair or Replace all types of Damaged and Broken Windows for both Residential & Commercial Customers.

    Call Us for your Glass Repairs and Emergency Glazing needs in Ashford.

    CALL 01233 800711

  • We Cover The Following Areas

    We are your Local Glazing Professionals with over 20 years experience, covering the following TN24 Ashford, TN24 Kennington, TN24 Willesborough, TN23 Great Chart, TN26 Eastwell, TN24 Sevington, TN25 Hinxhill, TN26 Kingsnorth, TN25 Boughton Lees, CT4 Molash, CT4 Crundale, TN26 Hamstreet, ME13 Badlesmere, TN26 Shadoxhurst, ME13 Leaveland, TN26 Warehorne, CT21 Court-At-Street, TN26 Kenardington, ME13 Sheldwich Lees, ME17 Lenham Heath, CT4 Old Wives Lees, CT21 Westenhange.  We provide Emergency Glazing and Emergency Boarding Up, Window Repairs or Replacements, Double Glazing Repairs and Specialist Emergency Glass Repairs, as well as our regular Glazing Service. We guarantee to get to you FAST and if necessary, we can provide an immediate Emergency Boarding Up Service.  We also can Repair or provide a Replacement Service for all Damaged and Broken Windows for Residential or Commercial customers. So please Call Us on 01233 800711 for your Emergency Glazier covering Ashford.

    All our prices and work are guaranteed and if you ever asked the question... Where is a Glazier Near Me?' - Well We Are !! 

  • Emergency Glazier Residential

    Have you got a Glazing Emergency? Do you need us to come now? Have you had a break in? We are your Local Emergency Glazier covering Ashford and all places in between.

    Please call us if need an Emergency Glazier or Emergency Glass Repair . We have Glaziers on hand waiting to come out and fix your window. Call Us on 01233 800711 for a FREE QUOTE. We are available 24/7 - 7 Days a Week. We know how difficult these Emergency situations are. We will give you a FAST Quote and come round and help fix your windows.

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  • Emergency Glazier Commercial

    We are your Local Emergency Glazing Company that services all glazing issues in Commercial buildings in Ashford and surrounding areas.  If you have a broken window or door, from a break in, accident or any other glazing problem, Call Us 24/7 on 01233 800711 and we can come out to you FAST and give you a FREE Quote. 

    We are available 24/7 for all your Emergency Glazing Repairs. 

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  • Emergency Glazier Shops

    Do you have an Emergency Glazing problem with your Shop that we can help you with?  If so please Call Us on 01233 800711 and we will be out to you FAST and offer you a FREE QUOTE.  

    We can do 24/7 Emergency Boarding Up, Emergency Glass Repair and all Emergency Window Repairs.  We can also help you with Window and Double Glazing Repairs.  We are your go to friendly Local Glaziers that are here for you.

    We are 24/7 so Call Us Anytime Day or Night.  Please Call Us on 01233 800711 for a FREE Quote.

    So Please Call Us on 01233 800711 for a FREE Quote.


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  • FREE No Obligation Quote

    Give Us a Call 24/7 - We are always pleased to give you a FREE No-Obligation Quote.  We understand this could be an Emergency Glass Repair, so we will resolve your Glazing needs urgently.

    If you are thinking - 'Is there a Glazier Near Me', then Call Us - We Are!!

    Ashford Glazing provide Broken Glass Repairs, Window Replacement and Boarding Up Services 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week.

    1. We are very mobile, we have fully equipped vehicles.
    2. We offer a FAST, Friendly Service.
    3. We aim and usually make it - to complete all repairs on first visit.

    So if you need an Emergency Glazier for Ashford.  Call Us Now on 01233 800711.

  • Ashford Glazing - We Are Here For You

    Ashford Glazing is a 24/7 Emergency Glass replacement and Emergency Glass Repair Company with over 20 years Experience and we really understand how important it is for us to answer your call quickly and efficiently to help you deal with your Emergency Glazing problem.  A broken window can obviously be a safety and security risk. That is why we will be with you as FAST as we can.  

    No job is too big or too small - we have a great friendly Local Team, who know the area and can give you the advice and the peace of mind you need in a time like this.  No matter what time you call us, we will answer your call and help you.

    It doesn’t matter if you need all your windows replaced or just one, we can come out and deal with it.   Double Glazed units need to be specially made.  So we will ensure that your window is safe and secure and come back and install your new unit once it has been specially made for your home.

    We have helped literally hundreds of people over the years and at Ashford Glazing - Please check out some of our Testimonials.

    Ashford Glazing is a 24/7 Emergency Glass Replacement and Emergency  Glazier in your Local Ashford Area.  If you are asking 'Is there a Glazier Near Me?' - Call Us As We Are!

    We provide boarding up services, repair and replacement of all types of broken windows and damaged glazing for residential and commercial customers.   Call us today on 01233 800711 for a FREE QUOTE.  We can send our Glazier to your home or business premises 24/7 - 7 Days a Week. 

    We don't Charge for a Call Out!  Call Ashford Glazing On 01233 800711 Now.  

    Areas of Expertise:-

    • Shop Fronts and Glass Panels
    • Office Glass Partitions
    • Conservatories
    • Roofs and Skylights
    • Cat Flaps for Glass Units
    • Glazing Services
    • 24hr Emergency Glazing
    • 24 Hour Window and Door Boarding Up Service
    • Residential Glazing
    • Shops, Offices, Commercial Glazing
    • We can source every Type of Glass 
    • Double Glazing Repairs,
    • Window Repairs
    • Window Replacements

    We can supply and fit.  

    We can arrive and fit the same day and below are some of the services we offer:-

    • Emergency Glaziers
    • Window Repairs
    • Glass Repairs
    • Local Glaziers
    • Glass Replacement
    • Single Glazed Windows
    • Double Glazed Windows
    • Clear Glass or Patterned Glass
    • Safety or Laminated Glass
    • Misted Glass Panels
    • Sash or Velux Windows
    • UVPC or PVC Windows
    • Vinyl covered Windows

    If your window is damaged, scratched or the glass is broken, you can replace just the double glazed unit or single pane glass (the individual glass units found within double glazing installations) without the cost of replacing the whole window.

    At Ashford Glazing , we can supply and fit a replacement glass unit at any time of the day to restore the safety of your home or business premises.

    For a No-Obligation Quote Call Ashford Glazing on 01233 800711 Now!

    Ashford Glazing  can repair and replace any type of double glazed windows or glass doors regardless of the window manufacturer or what company fitted the product.

    If you are looking for Emergency Boarding Up Service in the Ashford to secure window damage at your home or your business premises, we are just one call away

    We will board up all various types and sizes of doors and doors quickly and efficiently, patio doors, roofs, garage doors, orangery’s, conservatories, shop windows, shop doors and all Commercial and Residential properties.

    Ashford Glazing  are open every day, night and day - 24/7.

    We are here for you, so please get in touch.  No job is too big or too small.  We are your Professional Emergency Glazier Near to You.

  • Call Us For Advice From Our Glazing Experts

    We know this can be a very stressful time if you have a broken window at home especially if its badly broken and potentially dangerous.  There is not a lot you can do really, apart from try and board it up yourself or put tape over it. We get calls all the time with people asking for help and advice and we are only too pleased to give advice and we usually end up coming out to help them as it isn't easy to  secure your home.

    The key is get advice as soon as possible and we can tell you what to do right now and what Ashford Glazing can do for you to remedy the situation.

    Our local friendly staff will answer all your questions and explain what to do, you will be in good hands as we have been working with our customers for many years and most likely dealt with your glazing issue before. We are here 24 hours a day to help you and 365 days a year.

    Give Us a Call on 01233 800711.

    Our main concern is your safety and security, once your window or door is damaged, you have an immediate security problem, not to say a lot of glass to clear up, which has it's own issues. Call Us and we will advise the right course of action immediately and be out with you fast.

    If the weather isn't good, you could get wind and rain or even snow entering your Home, Office, Shop or Commercial Property. We can be out to you quickly and board it up immediately if we cannot fix or repair the glazing problem.

    All our prices and work are guaranteed and if you ever asked the question... 'Where is a Glazier Near Me?' - Well We Are !! 

  • What Do You Do?

    You have just arrived home from work. You are tired, it is raining and you just want to change into dry clothes and sit down with a warm meal. Something is wrong when you reach your home, though: you have had a break-in. Your front windows are broken, the rain is getting in, and you do not know what is missing and you need help right now.

    What Do You Do?  You Call Us, Ashford Glazing.  We can be with you quickly and your house will be safe, dry and secure in no time.

    We are you Local Emergency Glass Repair Specialist and we are here for you 24/7. No matter when you have to call, what day, what time, we are there waiting for your call, to help you with all of your Emergency Glazing needs.

    Give Us a Call for a FREE Quote on 01233 800711, and remember our name - Ashford Glazing- We are your Emergency Glazier covering Ashford.

  • Break In Or Accident?

    If you have suffered a break-in, or had an accident that's damaged or destroyed your windows, or had any other catastrophe that has left you in need of Emergency Glass Repair in Ashford or in the surrounding area, then you are in luck!   We are open 24/7 to serve you . We are Your Local Glazier Near You!  

    Our Expert Glaziers will provide you with a FREE No-Obligation Quote and help you decide how to go about getting your broken or damaged glass repaired.

    We don't just do Emergency Glazing,- if you have an empty home or building that needs boarding up, we will help you with that too. Securing property is important for keeping you and those around you safe, as well as preventing property damage and break-ins.

    So, the next time you find yourself with a Glass Emergency, Give Us a Call on 01233 800711 and we will turn up and sort your Glazing issues out for you.

    What Are You Waiting For?  Let Us Take Care Of It!

  • Call Us Anytime - Day Or Night

    For a First-Class Emergency Glass Repair in the Ashford Area -  Please Call Ashford Glazing on 01233 800711 Anytime - Day or Night.

    We have experience helping you recover from break-ins, weather-related catastrophes, the occasional misfired football, and any number of things that can happen.  

    We also look after Emergency Window Boarding Up - Give Us a Call today.

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